what is flexsteel furniture

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Mid-priced upholstered seating

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  • Who makes Flexsteel furniture?

  • Flexsteel is woned by the Bertsch Company. Flexsteel Industries incorporated, dates back to the early 1900s. The Company began in Minneapolis as Ralph ; Ball Furniture Company in the late 1800s to be then sold to four tradesmen in McCloud ; Smith Furniture, who then renamed it Grau-Curtis Company.

  • Why choose Flexsteel leather furniture?

  • At Flexsteel we are all about longevity. That’s why we choose only the best leather for our furniture. What’s best? Let’s talk about that. Each piece is unique in texture, color, and natural markings. Lasts longer than fabrics攃an easily become family heirlooms. Leather breathes. It is rich, soft, buttery, and silky.

  • Why does Flexsteel make parts for every room in the House?

  • Because Flexsteel produces products for every room in your home, the company decided that each factory should be dedicated to producing different parts at specific plants in order to maximize efficiency and self-sufficiency. What Is The Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture? What is the warranty on Flexsteel furniture?

  • Where can I buy leather touch-up kits for my Flexsteel furniture?

  • Visit Find Flexsteel for information on retailers nearest to you. Can I get leather touch-up kits for my Flexsteel leather furniture? For any of our Flexsteel leather furniture, leather touch-up kits are available through Uniters North America. To order, please visit unitersna.com or call 1.800.234.8986.

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