what is considered antique furniture

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Form of decorative art

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  • How old does furniture have to be to be considered antique?

  • The purest held the belief that for funiture to be considered antique that it should be at least 100 years old! Some antique dealers in my area even considered late 1800’s Victorian furniture beneath them and that it was simply used furniture.

  • What is an antique?

  • There has been a debate over what an antique is for years. Some say an Antique is: An object of considerable age valued for its aesthetic or historical significance. In the antiques trade, the term refers to objects more than 100 years old.

  • Are antique furniture pieces desirable?

  • But, as a rule, antique pieces are not desirable unless a room can be furnished with them and can have all its appointments in harmony with the antique style. The above 1908 Antique Furniture Warning was printed in Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis’s Cook Book.

  • How do I know if my furniture is antique or not?

  • Once you determine a particular style, look for the signs of aging that would verify if you have an antique or not. Take a look at the joinery (the spots in furniture where the pieces come together). Look at the bottom or back of a piece or inside its doors and drawers.

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