is rubber wood good for furniture

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  • Is rubberwood a good material for furniture?

  • Since rubberwood is a agricultural by-product it has a low raw material cost, good woodworking properties and today it is one the cheapest solid wood furniture you will find. If we compare rubberwood with other timber from wood species that have a high raw material cost this makes it very costly competitive.

  • Can rubberwood be stained?

  • When compared to other woods such as teak, rubberwood is capable of taking wood stains incredibly well. If you want to stain your rubberwood furniture, it possible to do that pretty well.

  • Can you burn rubberwood?

  • Naturally, rubber wood is resistant to burning. Even if someone smokes and the heat source is a cigarette you will get less burn damage compared to other solid wood furniture. Even if it start burning you don need to worry about fumes because the wood is non-toxic. See at how many degrees rubberwood burns by reading this article!

  • What is raw rubberwood?

  • Surprisingly enough, most people don know that raw rubberwood comes from rubber trees. It is not a manufactured or engineered wood either. So what is it? Well, Rubberwood is a low-cost light wood that is harder than most other wood types, which classes it as a hardwood.

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