will taskrabbit pick up furniture

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Furniture delivery from Ikea TaskRabbit:Starts at around $50 for pickup and delivery. Delivery: Ikea offers two delivery options: A parcel delivery service will handle smaller items (under 100 pounds) for around $11. Items heavier than 100 pounds require a truck, which comes with a two-person delivery team and starts at $99.

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  • Why choose TaskRabbit IKEA furniture assembly services?

  • That why we appreciate TaskRabbit IKEA furniture assembly services. Thanks to a direct partnership with IKEA, you can book taskers to assemble your furniture when you make a purchase online or in an IKEA store. If the hardest part of buying furniture is putting it together when you get home, outsource that process to TaskRabbit.

  • What is TaskRabbit?

  • What exactly is TaskRabbit? TaskRabbit is a service platform that conveniently connects you with a network of independent 楾askers?to handle everything from IKEA furniture assembly to odd-jobs or errands. Additional services that Taskers can help you with your everyday life at home:

  • Is TaskRabbit good for last minute help?

  • TaskRabbit is a great fit for last-minute help thanks to its same-day service. Once you choose a task, TaskRabbit will ask you for your timeline (basically, when you need your task completed) and give you an option for same-day service.

  • Is Task Rabbit a good service?

  • But if you are in a bind and you need someone to fix something without a lot of haggling, the service can work well. Just be aware of that Trust and Service fee and know that might add on some additional fees you might not have anticipated. I’ve had mixed results with task rabbit.

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