will movers take apart furniture

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  • Do moving companies take apart furniture?

  • Even though moving companies offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services, there are some exceptions to the pieces of furniture they will take apart. Most movers will avoid disassembling antiques, pool tables, and furniture pieces that are glued or nailed together.

  • Should you hire movers or do it yourself when moving?

  • When moving locally, your movers will be able to disassemble and assemble your furniture, but your move is going to take longer, costing you a bit more. If you are moving on a budget and are fully capable of disassembling reassembling the furniture yourself, then do it yourself.

  • What to do with your large furniture when moving house?

  • So, have you made a decision yet? What are you going to do with your large furniture when moving house? Having it disassembled by professional movers may be your best bet to preserve the bulky pieces in excellent condition throughout the relocation process.

  • Do movers take apart bed frames before moving?

  • Bed Frames ?Most bed frames will need to be disassembled before moving. Movers will do it just right before the item, but if you want to do it yourself, consider getting up a bit early before the movers arrive to take this apart.

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