why is teak furniture so expensive

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Another reason teak wood is so expensive is thatit a popular choice. Many people want teak wood furniture. Since the trees planted decades ago are only just now being harvested for furniture,companies only have so much wood to sell. Being in higher demand makes teak wood a natural valuable resource for furniture.

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  • Why is teak wood so expensive?

  • Although teak wood is costly, there is a reason why the prices are higher than other woods. That because, quite simply, teak wood is the best. Here is what makes teak wood so expensive but worth it. Teak wood is very long lasting and has been used as a building material for thousands of years.

  • Is teak good for outdoor furniture?

  • Thanks to the natural oils that teak produces, it also has a fair degree of resistance to insect attack. The wood also contains silica, which makes the wood dense. It is why shipbuilders use teak extensively to build vessels. For the same reason above, teak is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

  • When was teak wood invented?

  • During the 7 th century, wealthy people started to use teak in their homes, and the wood began to earn a reputation as a durable material for furniture and building houses. The Dutch popularized the wood when they colonized Indonesia.

  • Why is teak so expensive in Myanmar?

  • Several changes in Myanmar have contributed to an increased cost of Teak. For instance, the increase in government regulations have led to a decline in logging. While these measures exist to preserve the ecology of the country, they have caused the price to increase. There is Simply Less Teak Available.

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