why is teak furniture so expensive

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If you have priced teak furniture or you already own some,you know it not cheap. One of the reasons why teak is so expensive isit not from the United States. All teak has to be imported,which adds to the cost.

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  • Why is teak wood so expensive?

  • Although teak wood is costly, there is a reason why the prices are higher than other woods. That because, quite simply, teak wood is the best. Here is what makes teak wood so expensive but worth it. Teak wood is very long lasting and has been used as a building material for thousands of years.

  • Can teak wood be used for furniture?

  • The general furniture products that made from teak wood are commonly for the exterior furniture due to it will not be weathered even though they are placed outdoors with extreme weather. The processed products from teak wood can even survive to hundreds of years, so this type of wood is very popular in the world market.

  • How long does outdoor teak furniture last?

  • Although outdoor teak furniture may have some finish applied to it, you don need to maintain it as much as some cheaper wood types. Your outdoor furniture or wooden patio will last for several years. Some of the caves discovered in Western India date back to 2,000 years ago, and the untreated teak wood used there is still surprisingly intact.

  • Why is teak so popular?

  • Teak is so durable that people recycled the wood of salvaged ships for flooring and furniture after World War II. From the 1800s onwards, the popularity of teak spread around the world. As it became more and more popular, its cultivation also began to spread to other countries.

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