why is room and board furniture so expensive

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  • What is the average cost of room and board for college?

  • The average cost of room and board for a private college is $12,680; for a public college it is $11,140. Schools break down the cost of attendance on their pricing or financial aid pages.

  • How long do room and board sofas last?

  • I have owned two Room and Board sofas and they both held up beautifully and are still in great shape after many years of use. My sister has a huge sectional from Room and Board that after at least 7 years is in near perfect condition. We both have kids and dogs.

  • What does room and board mean in college?

  • You may have meal plan options or not. Go to your school website for specifics, as the requirements will vary by school and by term. All in all, room and board means that all of your basic living needs will be provided for a fee. How Do I Know the Cost of Room and Board? The price of room and board will vary from college to college.

  • Should you buy cheap furniture or buy expensive furniture?

  • Because when it comes to deciding on cheap furniture vs expensive furniture, the later should and always will win as nothing comes before quality, well-made furnishings. So before you donate that heritage Queen Anne dresser, think about where else it could look great and make sense in your home.

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