why is office furniture so expensive

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Officefurniture is expensive because it has a slow turn-around,and it’s large and take up inventory

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  • Are expensive office chairs worth it?

  • To answer the question: are expensive office chairs worth it? It more than just a simple yes or no. It all depends on your preference, more specifically, your budget. If you have back pain issues and are looking for an office chair to help support your body, expensive office chairs are definitely worth it.

  • Why is furniture so expensive?

  • Long after the purchase, you have a well-made, durable, sustainable piece of furniture to last for decades and its comfortable. So this actually is another reason why furniture is so expensive, you buy better pieces designed by individuals not what the masses are purchasing.

  • What makes a Herman Miller office chair worth the price?

  • From the sourcing of materials, all the way to strict human inspections, each Herman Miller office chair goes through a rigorous process of production that ensures you檒l get the best quality and craftsmanship a chair has to offer. This is what makes a Herman Miller chair, worth the price.

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