why furniture shortage

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Foam shortage

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  • Is there a shortage of furniture in the US?

  • Furniture shortage is an issue seen across the industry. La-Z-Boy chief executive Kurt Darrow told the Washington Post their customers are now waiting an 渦nprecedented?five to nine months on their orders. Scott Kusel bought a sofa from La-Z-Boy in April. He said he was shocked to learn it would not be delivered for about six months.

  • What are the problems of the German furniture industry?

  • The German furniture industry has major problems with the supply of raw materials. There is also competition from other industries. This has consequences for customers: if you order now, you might have to wait until autumn – and you will still pay a lot more. Leo Lbke is a veteran in the German furniture industry.

  • Why are so many furniture manufacturers in trouble?

  • According to this, more than two thirds of the manufacturers have, in some cases massive, difficulties with the raw material supply. 淭here is currently a lot of demand from apparently poorly prepared suppliers,?complain the furniture makers.

  • What’s behind the furniture delivery delay?

  • Other factors include delays in almost every aspect of the supply chain, the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal and a foam shortage. Owner of Spencer’s Furniture Craig Taylor said customers used to wait four to six weeks for their delivery.

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