why dogs scratch furniture

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Dogs scratching furnitureseek to eliminate or find those biting bugs or creepy-crawly sounds. Finally, some dogs with nothing better to do decide to dig on furniture out of boredom. In many cases, though, we unintentionally reward the behavior.

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  • What happens if a dog scratches a couch?

  • Serious cases result in destroyed property and sometimes a vet bill from broken teeth or swallowed couch stuffing. The answer to dogs scratching furniture often goes beyond a dog-proof couch. To solve the problem, pet parents must understand what prompts the digging in the first place.

  • Why does my dog dig in the couch?

  • Dogs routinely dig for several reasons, all of which can be seen as instinctual behaviors that they got from their ancestors. One reason your dog may be digging into the couch is due to how dogs would dig out dens in the wild as a place to rest and protect themselves from various predators.

  • Why is my dog scratching at the bed?

  • If you see your dog furiously scratching at a bed, couch, or carpet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trying to escape your home. According to The Dodo, the puzzling habit is likely a survival instinct left over from their wild ancestors.

  • Why does my dog keep rubbing his face on furniture?

  • According to WebMD, this irritation often manifests with excessive itching. In this case, you may find that your dog keeps rubbing his face on things, including furniture (or even on the carpet) to relieve the itchy and scratchy feelings on their face.

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