who makes hampton bay patio furniture

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The simple and short answer to where Hampton Bay patio furniture is made is that there isno definitive answer. My guess,and I believe it to be right,is that it is manufactured in China and then sold and branded by Home Depot. Is it any good?

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  • Where can I buy Hampton bay patio furniture?

  • The Home Depot is the only place where the patio furniture from Hampton Bay can be found. The products ofHampton Bay are up to date. Is Hampton Bay a good company? Overall Quality was a 3.3 out of 5 while Overall Value was a 3.1 out of 5. In conclusion, it is most likely made in China and branded by Home Depot.

  • Where are Hampton bay products made?

  • Hampton Bay appears to be made in China, and as such is considered a poorer quality product, however when you take the price into consideration then the value for money is good. Home Depot then brand the items and sell them as through the Hampton Bay name.

  • Can a chair be repaired at Hampton bay?

  • They will send out replacement parts for example if its a chair they will send out an arm or leg but not the entire chair. We also found that they recommended chaircarepatio.com for repair work such as chairs and cushions and fabrics. Where to Buy Good Hampton Bay Furniture for Your Patio?

  • Does Home Depot have Hampton bay parts?

  • Well, that the short answer, however, if you are going to get a part through Home Depot we suggest you try their parts replacement department on 1-877-527-0313 and select option #4 for Hampton Bay items. You will then be given 6 options to then choose from depending on what Hampton Bay item you are looking to get a replacement for.

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