who can i donate used furniture to

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Local shelter

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  • Where can I donate used furniture and home goods?

  • Where to donate your used furniture and home goods. 1 Goodwill. When you donate your new and gently used items to Goodwill, the organization will be able to sell them in stores or on shopgoodwill.com. 2 The Vietnam Veterans of America. 3 The Salvation Army. 4 Donation Town. 5 Freecycle. More items

  • Can a charity pick up furniture from my house?

  • Certain charities offer free furniture pick up from your home to the donation center. You are usually restricted to a certain date and time when scheduling a pickup, and certain large furniture may not be allowed. Be sure to research whether or not the charity you plan on donating to offers this service.

  • Does Salvation Army take furniture donations?

  • The charity also occasionally uses furniture donations to furnish their homeless shelters. You can deliver your donation yourself to a local drop-off location, which you can find by searching the Salvation Army thrift stores website. Or you can schedule a free furniture donation pickup.

  • Can you write off furniture donations on taxes?

  • If you donate your unwanted furniture to charity, you can deduct the donation from your taxes at the end of the year. This can add up to a sizable write-off, even if you do not have many pieces to donate. For each piece of furniture you donate, you can deduct the current fair market value from your taxes.

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