who builds ikea furniture

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  • Does IKEA build furniture for You?

  • Or, if you prefer, our Assembly Service partners can build your IKEA furniture in your home for you. IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit to make your everyday life at home easier and more comfy, connecting you with simple and affordable ways to get your to-do list done through a network of TaskRabbit Taskers in locations around the UK.

  • What is IKEA delivery and assembly?

  • These encompass the construction and furniture assembly at your home, whether it’s simply an IKEA flat-pack or a more complex kitchen assembly. If you’re missing out on any furniture, you can also book an IKEA delivery and assembly service, and we’ll assemble your items right then and there!

  • How much does it cost to assemble IKEA products?

  • TaskRabbit has created assembly pricing just for IKEA products starting at 25*. You will be charged a flat rate based on the products you want assembled, and will only pay once your assembly has been completed. Taskers will secure items to the wall according to the product assembly instructions at no additional cost.

  • What kind of beds do IKEA make?

  • Some of the most popular IKEA bookcase brands include the IKEA BRUSALI and the classic IKEA BILLY. Our IKEA bed assembly service ranges from a crib assembly and children’s bed construction to putting together daybeds, bunk beds, and even a queen-sized bed.

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