which of the following describes a feature of contemporary furniture

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  • What is contemporary furniture?

  • Contemporary furniture is furniture that reflects the trends and styles of the current popular themes within interior design. This is opposed to a more traditional or classic design style. Contemporary style can also borrow from other design eras and styles.

  • What is contemporary design style?

  • It is a dynamic design style that changes with the current trends, so contemporary design today may look very different from contemporary design 50 years from now. It incorporates features from a variety of styles and eras, blending them with the overall minimalist look.

  • What is the layout of furniture in the room called?

  • Considering the layout of furniture in the room is called: spacing A focal point is used to do which of the following? arrange a room around the highlighted feature Furniture in traditional styles differ from contemporary and regional in that: it is primarily constructed out of wood and fabric.

  • Should all furniture pieces be in the designated style?

  • Once a style is chosen, all pieces should be in the designated style. False Geometric shapes are often found in contemporary designs. True If a client says he or she dislikes a piece of furniture, the designer should:

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