where to put unwanted furniture

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Take furniture to adrop-off locationif your city doesn offer pickups. Most counties have a trash dump or landfill that accepts oversized pieces of trash,like furniture. Additionally,many charitable foundations and thrift stores also accept dropped-off furniture.

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  • Where can I get rid of junk furniture near me?

  • Rely on LoadUp, the affordable furniture removal company near you. Book Junk Furniture Pick Up Easy junk furniture and disposal. With LoadUp convenient furniture removal service, we will properly dispose of any and all unwanted furniture that you need hauled away.

  • How do I get rid of unwanted furniture?

  • LoadUp offers convenient outdoor pickup service for your unwanted furniture and any other junk items you need to get rid of. Simply place your items by the curb or anywhere outside on your property that our Loaders can get to.

  • How do you dispose of furniture after a move?

  • If you have only a few smaller items, disposing of furniture may be as easy as dragging it out to your curb. But you should always touch base with your local service provider before doing so. Some municipal and private trash collection services will charge extra to get rid of furniture in addition to your regular trash.

  • How much does it cost to get rid of furniture?

  • If you’re looking for a more convenient way to dispose of your furniture, a dumpster rental or junk removal service might be more up your alley. Most junk removal services can handle smaller pickups of one to two items for around $100 – $150.

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