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  • How far apart should furniture be placed in a room?

  • Distance the furniture appropriately. When place seating in an area that will be used for conversation, such as living room furniture, you should be careful not to put the items too far apart or too close together. Roughly 6? feet (1.8?.4 m) for seating pieces facing each other is a good rule of thumb.

  • How do you choose the right furniture for a room?

  • Decide whether or not the furniture in the room should be kept. It should serve the room’s purpose and be on the scale of the room -a small room should have small pieces of furniture and large room should have large pieces.

  • How do I know where to put my furniture?

  • This will hopefully help you to know where to put your furniture. The most important part is to first toss away the junk, move the bed and make sure there is nothing underneath it, and get ready to arrange. Measure everything.

  • How do you arrange furniture in a small living room?

  • Consider Traffic Flow One of the most important things to consider when arranging furniture in any room is traffic flow. People should not be tripping over furniture, or each other, to pass through the room. Make sure there are a couple of feet (give or take a few inches) between the coffee table and sofa, and between chairs.

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