where to put furniture

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It’s your home,so you should arrange the furniture in such a way that you have easy access to tables so you can put up your feet or put down your drinks. Every room should have afocal pointbecause it anchors the space and creates a natural area to put furniture around.

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  • How do you choose the right furniture for a room?

  • Decide whether or not the furniture in the room should be kept. It should serve the room’s purpose and be on the scale of the room -a small room should have small pieces of furniture and large room should have large pieces.

  • How do you arrange furniture in an open-concept living room?

  • In an open-concept living room, use furniture arrangement to divide the space into different activity zones. Here, a table and chairs gather on one side of the room, providing a spot for informal meals or games. On the other side of the room, a sofa and chairs form a conversational cluster around the fireplace.

  • Where should the sofa go in a living room?

  • The sofa is the biggest piece in any living room, so it’s the first thing that needs to be placed. Sometimes you can walk into a room and it seems obvious where the sofa should go, but in other rooms, it’s not so easy. As a general rule the sofa should be facing the focal point, but if there’s no natural focal point what do you do?

  • How far apart should furniture be placed in a room?

  • Distance the furniture appropriately. When place seating in an area that will be used for conversation, such as living room furniture, you should be careful not to put the items too far apart or too close together. Roughly 6? feet (1.8?.4 m) for seating pieces facing each other is a good rule of thumb.

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