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  • Is Perigold the new Wayfair?

  • A new luxury shopping offshoot of Wayfair, Perigold is definitely not a cheap thrills online store, but what it does do is offer high-end market furniture and decor that often out of reach for the general public behind trade-only showroom doors.

  • Is Perigold a good brand for patio furniture?

  • Perigold is known for having a more luxe approach to home design and their patio furniture selection certainly doesn’t disappoint. The retailer offers tables and seating that’ll transform your backyard into a stylish oasis.

  • What is Perigold?

  • Perigold | An Undiscovered World of Luxury Design The design world best furnishings, for every style and space. Shop extraordinary pieces from trusted brands, with free delivery and concierge service on most items.

  • Should you buy a Perigold sofa?

  • So if you檙e in the market for designer-worthy pieces, definitely don miss Perigold. Arlyn is a rarified born-and-bred Florida girl who can never turn her back on a sad chair in need of rehab or a jewel-tone velvet sofa.

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