where to buy furniture like urban outfitters

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  • What stores are like Urban Outfitters for guys?

  • Below are nearly three dozen stores like Urban Outfitters for guys who want some alternative sources of sharp style. J.Crew-owned Madewell tops the list of stores like Urban Outfitters thanks to its excellent selection of stylish staples like jeans, tees and sweaters.

  • What makes Urban Outfitters’Home Products Special?

  • That’s why it was so exciting, years ago, when Urban Outfitters introduced Home Products. Suddenly, the store became just as well known for its budget-friendly furnishings and accessories as it had been for its effortlessly cool fashion.

  • What are the Best Urban Outfitters alternatives for furniture?

  • Another alternative to Urban Outfitters?furniture and home decor offerings, Hayneedle has a wide range of styles and selections. Like Overstock, it allows you to sort by style, which should help you narrow things down and find some cool pieces.

  • Is Urban Outfitters cheaper than Anthropologie?

  • Urban Outfitters is pretty much the twin sibling of Anthropologie. Most of their trendy items have high price tags, but you can always find some cheaper gems in the sale section. Their 60-day return policy gives you plenty of time to change your mind! This inexpensive store has some great, stylish deals.

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