where to buy cushions for outdoor furniture

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  • What are outdoor cushions?

  • Outdoor cushions let you customise the look and comfort of your outdoor seating, create a whole new atmosphere with different colours and looks! Most have removable and washable covers, so your balcony or garden chair cushions can be freshened up whenever needed. Oops!

  • Do you have cushions for Erwin&sons patio furniture?

  • We have cushions to fit many Erwin Sons wicker patio furniture styles. They are thick and plush, and of course you can use any of our over 400 outdoor fabrics. Several Brown Jordan furniture collections are represented in our range.

  • Can I use IKEA cushions for outdoor furniture?

  • Once your outdoor furniture is arranged, add the final touch with some stylish cushions and soft pillows from IKEA. You can mix and match colours and patterns to add some style, while also making your outdoor sofa more comfortable. In our selection, you’ll find a variety of outdoor cushions.

  • How much do your cushions&pillows cost?

  • Our durable cushions pillows were made for all-day relaxing, starting at $12. Our exclusive DuraSeason cushions do it all.

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