where to buy classic furniture

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  • Where can I buy vintage furniture online?

  • Browse the site (or search by keywords like vintage or antique or even by decade) to see what’s out there, and get bidding. Along with tons of contemporary, high-end furniture and decor, One Kings Lane has a vintage section online where you can find all sorts of coveted pieces.

  • Why choose classic furniture?

  • Classic Furniture has been serving people with inspiration for comfort since 1999 and have built an excellent reputation in the furniture industry with enormous clientele who have shaped their imagination through our expertise and personalized services. The amazing collection of contemporary, modern and unique designs are affordable and lasting.

  • What color furniture goes with traditional furniture?

  • Bold colors with a bit of an earthier edge攕uch as burnt orange, burgundy, and deep purple攃omplement the dark woods of traditional furniture, while airier shades of beige and cream keep the space from feeling too dark and cramped. Ornate metallic accents in distressed or patinated finishes maintain the luxurious feel of the traditional style.

  • What is traditional style furniture?

  • While the style does draw inspiration from antique trends and furnishings, it’s easy to keep this look feeling fresh and inspired ?in sprawling Colonial estates and urban studio lofts alike. The traditional style is known for its use of rich and luxurious materials, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this expensive-looking style.

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