where to buy bob timberlake furniture

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  • Where is Bob Timberlake furniture collection located?

  • – Make your home beautiful with the Bob Timberlake Furniture Collection by Century 2220 Hwy. 70 SE.

  • What size of dining tables does Bob Timberlake have?

  • Dinette pieces: The Lexington-Bob Timberlake long dinette piece, which has two extension leaves, is over 10 feet long and can seat 8 to 10 guests. What size of dining tables are in his collections? Bob Timberlake has created many pieces of furniture for dining areas. Some examples of the affordable dining tables on eBay include:

  • What kind of furniture does Justin Timberlake have?

  • Some of his furnishings are patterned after 18th-century styles while other pieces have a cottage feel. Timberlake works with the Lexington family of furniture, and they have showrooms in Lexington, North Carolina and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. What are some of his cherry wood furniture pieces?

  • What is the Living Room collection at Lexington Bob Timberlake?

  • The living room collection involves islands, lamp and end pieces, and entertainment centers. Island piece: One Lexington Bob Timberlake island piece is approximately three feet long, and it has three full-length pull-out drawers. All of the drawers are the same depth, and it is created out of cherry also.

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