where is the closest ashley furniture store

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  • How many locations does Ashley Furniture have?

  • With Ashley Furniture store locations in more than forty states, it’s easy to find one near you.

  • Why choose Ashley Furniture?

  • Since 1945, Ashley Furniture stores have been helping customers discover quality and affordable furnishings for their home. Choose from a wide selection of furniture and decor in styles to fit every taste and budget.

  • Does Ashley Furniture HomeStore sell rugs?

  • Stylish furnishings for indoor and outdoor spaces are available at Ashley Furniture HomeStore. Choices include patio seating, tables, and sets plus accessories like cushions, fire pits, and rugs. To protect furniture from the elements, shoppers can choose between several cover options.

  • Where are the Ashley Home Stores located in California?

  • Ashley HomeStore Locations in California 1 Canoga Park 2 Concord 3 El Cajon 4 El Centro 5 Fairfield 6 Folsom 7 Grass Valley 8 Huntington Beach 9 Laguna Hills 10 Long Beach More items…

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