where is smith brothers furniture made

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Berne, Indiana

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  • Is Smith Brothers furniture made in Germany?

  • The Smith Brothers Furniture factory is located in the Swiss-German town of Berne, Indiana. As the largest employer in Adams County going back to 1926, many Amish people live in the area and work at the factory. The Amish legacy of fine craftsmanship lives in every custom-made piece at Smith Brothers.

  • Why is Smith Brothers furniture so durable?

  • One reason behind it being so durable lies in the process of how it is made. Typical furniture made by Smith Brothers is not constructed into single furniture all at once. A considerable amount of time, passion, and skill are spent in making each component of the furniture.

  • Who makes the Smith brothers sectional couch?

  • It’s with complete disgust and disappointment that I write this. We purchased a top of the line, Sectional Couch with End Recliners and a Glider/Swivel Chair from **** Furniture in Plover, WI and manufactured by Smith Brothers of Berne, Inc. about 6 months ago. We paid a tremendous amount of money for them.

  • Why Smith Brothers of Berne?

  • They combine old world craftsmanship with modern technology to create furniture we can stand behind with total confidence. Smith Brothers of Berne creates beautiful furniture, made with pride in the heart of America. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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