where is paula deen furniture manufactured

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North Carolina

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  • Where can I buy Paula Deen home furniture?

  • Barrow Fine Furniture is proud to carry all Paula Deen Home products. Click here to view the entire Paula Deen Home collection, and contact us for more information on our Paula Deen Home collection.

  • What inspired Paula’s furniture?

  • This furniture has been inspired by Paula’s life in the South and her home in Savannah. It’s all about feeling good, safe and comfortable in one’s home.

  • What is Paula Deen’s net worth?

  • Where Does Paula Deen Live And How Big Is Her Home? While Paula Deen might not be making the TV rounds quite as often these days as she used to, she’s still plenty busy with book tours and her television series Positively Paula. Deen’s culinary celebrity has helped her build quite the fortune with a net worth of $14 million.

  • How much did Renee Deen house cost?

  • According to Realtor, Deen first listed her home for sale for the price of $12.5 million. Even if Deen did pour a few million into upgrades, nearly 9 million more than she paid for it is a pretty steep price increase in barely a decade.

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