where is palliser furniture made

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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  • Why Palliser Furniture?

  • From leather living room sets with complementary sectionals, sofas and chairs, to end tables and coffee tables that provide go-anywhere style and functional storage, Palliser offers something to suit every space, layout and design.

  • How many different types of Palliser sofas are there?

  • Although Palliser is known mainly for their recliners, they also have a huge selection of sofas! I was originally taken aback by the sheer amount of choices because simply on WayFair there are over 125 different choices!

  • What is the warranty on a Palliser Pinecrest recliner?

  • Manufacturer Warranty of 10 Years For Frame/Springs, 7 Years on Recliner Mechanisms, 5 Years on Leather/Foam, and 1 Year on Fabric. Overall the Palliser Pinecrest recliner is one of my favorite pieces that I have purchased through Palliser.

  • Where is furniture manufactured?

  • All of their furniture is produced and manufactured in North America, and they focus on high quality furniture that their customers will love! One of every furniture buyers main concerns should be the quality of the product they are purchasing. Because furniture is no cheap buy, you really need to do your research on craftsmanship and durability.

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