where is fusion furniture made

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Ecru, Miss

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  • How many retail stores does fusion furniture have?

  • With approximately 1,600 retail stores nationwide, Fusion Furniture delivers nothing but the best when it comes to home furnishings near you. Enter your information below to find a Fusion Furniture retailer near you and start shopping today!

  • Is Fitfusion furniture a good brand of furniture?

  • Fusion Furniture is beautiful homely pieces to give your living space a lovely aesthetic uplift. This furniture brand expertly blends style, comfort, usability, flexibility, and longevity. Their sofas excel for outstanding seating support, frame design, and cushion filling.

  • How does fusion furniture work?

  • Fusion Furniture leverages a strategically situated network of authorized dealers to sell its products. At present, Fusion Furniture operates a retail network of an estimated 1,600 stores scattered across the United States.

  • Where does IKEA manufacture its products?

  • He began by selling furniture from local manufacturers. In 2008, the brand became the largest furniture retailer in the world. The brand makes many references to its home country of Sweden at its stores, and with over 10,000 products in its lineup, you may wonder where they manufacture IKEA products.

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