where is era nouveau furniture made

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  • What is Art Nouveau furniture?

  • Art Nouveau furniture, which features curving lines and organic shapes, was a result of ideas that merged nature, design, and craftsmanship. Art Nouveau was a decorative style that became popular in Europe and the United States between 1890 and 1910.

  • Why buy era Nouveau?

  • Our story is simple, we understand buying leather upholstered furniture is all about the senses, we engineer product to satisfy a consumers wants and needs. Providing soft leather, comfortable seating and premier styling, is Era Nouveau’s focus.

  • How did Art Nouveau influence the art of the 20th century?

  • It impacted, among other things, architecture, illustration and graphic arts, jewelry and glass design, and furniture design. The term ”Art Nouveau” is French, meaning literally ”new art.”

  • Who is the father of Art Nouveau style?

  • Together with Vallin, the two men formed the fundamental principals of the art nouveau style. From 1901 to 1912, Andr built more than a dozen buildings in this style. Eugne Vallin (1856-1922) was a successful art nouveau furniture designer and manufacturer, as well as architect.

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