where is coaster furniture manufactured

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  • Where can I buy a coaster?

  • Coaster is a furniture wholesaler and currently does not sell directly to the public. For product pricing and availability, please contact your local Coaster retailer. I would like additional information.

  • Does coaster manufacture their own furniture?

  • While they don manufacturer the furniture themselves they have built an impressive infrastructure and now have branches in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, and Texas. Coaster have an efficient system set up which allows them to reach more people than ever.

  • What is coasteressence furniture?

  • High-quality and fashionable CoasterEssence furnishings that offer more comfort and timeless style. Our collection of premium quality CoasterElevations furnishings designed to create beautiful casual living spaces.

  • Who is co-coaster company of America?

  • Coaster Company of America is an industry-leading importer and distributor of fine furniture with styles for every person at every stage of life. Our delight is to be innovative and excellent in all that we do.

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