where is cheers furniture made

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  • What is cheers?

  • As a flagship enterprise in the Chinese furniture industry, we have over 200 self-developed products patented and quality certified. Brands like HEERS?are now sold in over 80 countries across the world.

  • Is cheers furniture real leather or non-leather?

  • I did notice when we were shopping that the leather on the Cheers furniture appeared to be scrached. Then we overheard a salesman telling another customer that the only leather parts are those we can touch. Everything else is non-leather. Our salesman said that it was all leather. Many of these posts are incorrect information.

  • Where are cheers/manwah made?

  • Elite FINALLY told me that the factory in China the makes the Miramar for Elite also makes Cheers/Manwah. So they come from the same place/same people, except Elite Passport-Home claims the Miramar not the Aiden.

  • Is a container of Cheers a well built sofa?

  • I have been selling furniture for over 10 years and our store just bought a container of cheers and it is extremely well built. They acutally put padded panels on the ends of the sofa.

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