where is american drew furniture made

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Kincaid plant

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  • What kind of furniture is American drew?

  • Founded in 1927, American Drew is a well-established, leading manufacturer of mid-priced bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture. American Drew’s product collections cover a broad variety of style categories including traditional, transitional and contemporary.

  • Where are American Drew products distributed?

  • Our products are distributed through thousands of independently owned retailers throughout the United States and Canada and around the world. American Drew, a division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated, is a service-oriented company. In order to offer rapid shipment of orders, we maintain a large inventory of bedroom, dining room and living room tables.

  • What is a vintage American drew collection?

  • Vintage American Drew Collections tended to stay within the classification of 淭raditional Styles.?In other words, you will find vintage American Drew of the 1980s or 1990s often followed 18th Century design.

  • What styles does American drew offer?

  • American Drew’s portfolio of collections covers a broad variety of styles from modern to classical. Influenced by furniture craftsmen, and the creative design of nature our inspiration comes from an everchanging range of materials, design elements, and colors.

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