where does havertys buy their furniture

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Havertys has been importing furniture fromChina,but also turns to Vietnam,Malaysia,the Philippines and Mexico for product,Fink said. Founded in 1885,Havertys wouldn’t be pushing its own brand if it wasn’t selling,said Laura Champine,an analyst for Morgan Keegan Co. Click to see full answer

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  • What kind of store is Havertys?

  • Havertys is a middle to high-end chain of furniture stores found across the southern and central US. With a tradition stemming back to the first Atlanta store in 1885, Havertys’s mission is to offer high quality furniture, priced fairly with high-end customer service to help shoppers find their next well-designed item for their home project.

  • Should you buy furniture from Havertys or rooms to go?

  • Many people looking for quality furniture end up at either Havertys or Rooms To Go. Both brands fill their showrooms with well-made, fashionable pieces that appeal to many design tastes. To find the store that fits your needs, compare what Havertys and Rooms To Go have to offer before making your decision.

  • Does Ashley Havertys sell custom furniture?

  • Havertys manufactures and sells custom furniture in addition to their collections, letting you choose the design details, fabric, color, and more. Although Ashley doesn’t offer custom pieces, this vendor maintains one of the largest selections of furnishings in the industry with over 6,000 items.

  • Who bought out Havertys?

  • Suntrust Equity Funding, LLC, a subsidiary of Truist Financial Corporation purchased the three facilities and will lease them back to Havertys through a 15-year operating lease agreement with four renewal options of five years each. Havertys is selling repaired and refurbished used furniture as new to their customers.

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