where do the kardashians get their furniture

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  • Do the Kardashians live in their own house?

  • The Keeping Up With The Kardashians House. Although no Kardashian or Jenner has ever actually lived in this house (for safety reasons, of course), it does regularly appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Kris Jenner’s home.

  • How well do you know the Kardashian/Jenner family homes?

  • The Kardashian/Jenner empire includes an impressive real estate portfolio, which only makes sense given their savvy approach to every money-making venture they檝e embarked on. As their family continues to grow, so do their homes. Between the Kardashians and Jenners (and can’t forget Scott!), here a brief history of the family homes.

  • How did Kourtney Kardashian decorate her former home?

  • For example, Kourtney took a chance in her former home’s living room (above) to create a high-impact black white room with unexpected pops of color, something that perfectly encapsulated her design vision. Beautiful rooms can be done more affordably if you have a clear vision, do your research, and stick to your design plan, he says.

  • What do the Kardashians do for a living?

  • The Kardashians are also pros at picking up some of California’s best real estate, and decking out their homes to the nines. Most of their stylish interiors are credited to Jeff Andrews, the family’s go-to interior designer.

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