where can you buy flexsteel furniture

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  • Where can I buy Flexsteel furniture in New Jersey?

  • INTERIORS HOME is proud to stock Flexsteel furniture in our Lancaster and Camp Hill showrooms. You can contact us today by calling 717-686-4000 for our Camp Hill showroom or 717-390-2000 for our Lancaster Showroom.

  • What is Flexsteel known for?

  • Some of Flexsteel most famous innovations include: Today, Flexsteel ?having acquired major manufacturing and design company in DMI Furniture, Inc. ?continues to enjoy great success after an incredible 100+ year journey to become one of the best known and most trusted furniture manufacturers in the world.

  • Why does Flexsteel make parts for every room in the House?

  • Because Flexsteel produces products for every room in your home, the company decided that each factory should be dedicated to producing different parts at specific plants in order to maximize efficiency and self-sufficiency. What Is The Warranty on Flexsteel Furniture? What is the warranty on Flexsteel furniture?

  • Do all Flexsteel retailers carry the entire line?

  • Not all Flexsteel retailers carry the entire line. If you are shopping for a specific style, please confirm with the store that they carry your desired style. – Retailers with the largest and most comprehensive selection of our funiture and upholstery options. – Retailers with dedicated showing areas for our furniture and upholstery options.

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