where can i sell my old furniture

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  • Where can I Sell my vintage furniture?

  • Known as an online marketplace connecting furniture dealers, galleries, collectors, antique shops, designers, and curators ?it a great place to sell vintage furniture that truly one-of-a-kind. Listing your items with 1stdibs isn cheap ?which makes sense since you would only be selling furniture pieces that cost significantly more.

  • How to make money selling used furniture online?

  • So you can keep most of the profit. With eBay, you have two options to sell used furniture online. First, you can sell items at auction. Second, you can set the sale price at a fixed price. You can choose local pickup for bulky items too expensive to ship. For smaller items, you can afford to ship and still profit.

  • Should you sell your old furniture at a yard sale?

  • However, you may have to factor in the cost of renting a table or a booth, which can eat into your profits. But, it can make you money fast. Finally, yard sales are good because you can sell your stuff on the spot. If at the end of the day you decide against selling your old furniture, don just trash it.

  • Is there an alternative to Craigslist for selling used furniture?

  • Oodle Marketplace Oodle is a Craigslist alternative that makes it easy to buy and sell used stuff locally including furniture and home dcor. The process is pretty much the same as with any other classified site. Post an ad with a few pictures and a little detail about the item (s) you are selling.

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