what you need to refurbish furniture

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Wood filleris also helpful if your furniture has any small chunks missing from the legs or top corners. Depending on the size of your item and whether it has a lot of dents,dings,or cracks,you may need a large amount of wood putty and/or filler. You will also need a putty knife to apply the putty to the surface of your furniture.

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  • How to refurbish furniture?

  • Here are five items for refurbishing furniture. It is essential to sand your furniture to get down to the original wood and to also create a rough surface to that your primer and paint will stick to the wood. Sanding down your item also helps get rid of minor scratches and dings.

  • What do you need to paint furniture?

  • You will also need a putty knife to apply the putty to the surface of your furniture. Before you paint your furniture, you must apply a primer (or use an all-in-one paint with primer) with a paintbrush. Primer helps the paint stick better to the item and ensures that your true paint color will shine through.

  • How to restore wooden furniture?

  • When restoring wooden furniture, you檒l need to first strip any of the old paint or stain from the piece. I recommend this paint stripper. It will make your job 10x easier! To do this, apply paint stripper to the furniture and give it time to dissolve into the wood.

  • Why should you refinish old furniture?

  • Firstly, If you are prepared to upcycle, refurbish and refinish old furniture, not only will you be creating a unique to you home at an extremely low cost but you will also be creating a sustainable and eco-friendly home. Secondly, people are becoming much more environmentally friendly in their choice of home furnishings.

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