what you need to refurbish furniture

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Brushes and paintChoose a type of paint in a particular colour, depending on the particular wood that the item of furniture you are intending to refurbish is made from. It is important to ensure you have purchased a sufficient quantity of paint to be able to finish the job and to remember that two or even three thin coats may be required.

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  • How to refurbish furniture?

  • Here are five items for refurbishing furniture. It is essential to sand your furniture to get down to the original wood and to also create a rough surface to that your primer and paint will stick to the wood. Sanding down your item also helps get rid of minor scratches and dings.

  • What do you need to paint furniture?

  • You will also need a putty knife to apply the putty to the surface of your furniture. Before you paint your furniture, you must apply a primer (or use an all-in-one paint with primer) with a paintbrush. Primer helps the paint stick better to the item and ensures that your true paint color will shine through.

  • Can you use spray paint to refinish furniture?

  • If you have a piece of furniture that you think needs to be refinished, use an aerosol spray paint stripper to lift the old finish from the wood. This is more convenient since you have control over the coverage, plus there is less chance of spilling. Leave the stripper on your furniture for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Who is the best person to refurbish furniture?

  • Jami Delia is a DIY expert who specializes in upcycling, reclaiming, and refurbishing furniture. She has more than two years of writing experience on DIY home projects. Before you begin refurbishing wood furniture, make sure you have the proper supplies to get the job done.

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