what wall color goes with oak bedroom furniture

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When working with bold colour,oak furniture can be a perfect pairing. While darker shades will give a room a cosy vibe,more saturated hues create energy and life in a space. Colours likecherry red,ochre yellow,lime green or rusty orangewill bring out those warm hues in oak for a zesty palette that warms up a space.

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  • What color goes well with oak furniture?

  • Colours That Go With Oak Furniture 1 Inchyra Blue. A rich, moody blue hue that can look more grey or green in certain lights, Inchyra Blue complements the rustic design and highlights the beautiful grain of our … 2 Green Smoke. … 3 Card Room Green. … 4 Blue Gray. … 5 Stiffkey Blue. …

  • What color should you paint a room with dark furniture?

  • That why using white as wall paint for a room with dark furniture is one of the best and easiest solutions. White paint also helps create a lot of contrast when combined with dark colors that produce an elegant yet warming ambient. 2.

  • What color to paint over oak paneling?

  • A soft, warm neutral paint with orange or yellow undertones can make a space look harmonious and help the oak fade in a little. I would go with a natural, earthy color here, not anything too harsh.

  • What wall paint colors work with dark hardwood floors?

  • Here are the best wall paint colors that work with dark hardwood floors: Off-white is a muted version of white that works well with dark brown hardwood flooring. You can go as light as you like with your neutral wall, even a light cream will look sophisticated in a bedroom or living room.

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