what time does furniture row close

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  • Does Furniture Row set up an appointment for delivery?

  • They won’t set up an appointment, only call the day before and ask if if we can hit a two hour window. Do yourself a favor and arrange your own delivery. My boyfriend and I visited three Furniture Row stores on 12/10/13.

  • Does Furniture Row have outlet stores?

  • While Furniture Row doesn’t have explicit outlet store fronts, they do offer clearance level prices at their locations and online. With offerings that are less popular or over stocked, there are deals to be found, sometimes hundreds less than the original price.

  • What is Furniture Row®?

  • Furniture Row. Real Furniture. Real Value. Whether for a cozy kitchen nook or a larger dining space, you’ll find an expertly crafted dining set to support many gatherings to come when you shop at Furniture Row.

  • What is the purchase experience like at Furniture Row?

  • I went to Furniture Row to buy a bed frame. I couldn’t find anybody in the store to help me out. I finally found one very disinterested guy who quickly passed me off to somebody else. The whole purchase experience went this way. I also wasn’t consulted about the delivery at all. I was just told when it would be – period.

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