what time does furniture row close

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  • Does Furniture Row set up an appointment for delivery?

  • They won’t set up an appointment, only call the day before and ask if if we can hit a two hour window. Do yourself a favor and arrange your own delivery. My boyfriend and I visited three Furniture Row stores on 12/10/13.

  • What is Furniture Row companies?

  • Sign in Use Social Login Furniture Row Companies is a group of companies specializing in home furnishings, mattress, linens stores, and carrying a variety of brand names, all available at one convenient location. We focus on providing a shopping experience that is tailored to your needs.

  • Does Furniture Row have outlet stores?

  • While Furniture Row doesn’t have explicit outlet store fronts, they do offer clearance level prices at their locations and online. With offerings that are less popular or over stocked, there are deals to be found, sometimes hundreds less than the original price.

  • How much do Furniture Row couches cost?

  • One of the top requests from Furniture Row is a new couch or sofa. Furniture Row offers extremely affordable offerings starting at just $265, with their most popular styles fall below $1000. Most of their affordable options come with plywood frames and coil foam construction.

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