what time does american signature furniture close

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  • How much does American Signature furniture cost?

  • With solid, affordable furniture online and in stores, American Signature offers a range of prices to fit any style and budget. There’s something for everyone with living room packages from $500 to $4,000. King bed frames are especially reasonable, starting at about $350 for a headboard, footboard, slats, and rails.

  • What is easy pass at American Signature Furniture?

  • To achieve this goal, American Signature Furniture has an innovative feature called Easy Pass. This service allows guests to browse and set aside items prior to an in-store visit. Customers who start their search with a local retailer can also buy furniture online later. Where is American Signature Furniture Made?

  • How can I see your furniture in a store?

  • To see our furniture in a store, visit our store locator page and enter your zip code we’ll show you a listing of the stores that are closest to you. Find a Store Near You

  • What is the phone number to call to order furniture?

  • Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-751-8552 Why do you need my zip code? We won’t sell you furniture until we’re sure we can service your area to ensure smooth delivery of your order. We use your zip code to:

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