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  • What is the early American period in furniture?

  • Early American (1640 to 1700) The Early American period was really the first period where a distinct style began to appear within furniture pieces in the colonies that went beyond mere practicality. Ornamental carvings, finials, raised panels and woodturnings were hallmarks of this period.

  • What determines the style of antique furniture?

  • Recognizable characteristics on legs, feet, drawers and backs help determine the style of antique furniture. Furniture styles are categorized by multiple factors, including time periods, country of origin and designers.

  • What is the Arts and craft period in furniture design?

  • Arts and Craft/Mission (1880 to1920) The Arts and Craft period symbolized another minimalist period in furniture design. Leather was a common upholstery covering of the period, likely more for practical than design reasons. Lacquer, shellac, and wax were common finishes on the wide variety of woods used during this period.

  • When did the age of oak furniture start and end?

  • As with all period styles, there is no clear beginning and end, but over a period of 160 years from around 1500 broad characteristics can be seen. Age of Oak furniture retains much of the previous Gothic period, especially in the amount of carving used to decorate panels and framing members, although the use of pierced carving was less popular.

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