what paint sheen for furniture

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Satin or semi-gloss paintsare ideal for most furniturepieces. No matter whether you檙e choosing an interior or exterior paint, you檒l see a range of sheens: flat (matte), eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, in order of lowest to highest luster.

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  • Which paint sheen should I use for my Exterior?

  • When you paint your house exterior, the question of which paint sheen or finish to use should be assessed on an equal plane with the paint color and brand. You will have a choice of four basic paint sheen groupings: flat or matte, satin/ eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss.

  • What does Sheen mean in painting?

  • In painting terms, paint sheen is the glossiness of a paint finish. Glossy paints are shiny and reflect more light, while on flat paints most of the light diffuses in a range of angles. What are the different paint sheens?

  • What is the best paint for furniture?

  • Satin: A paint with a satin finish reflects a minimal amount of light (eggshell is a closely related finish). If you like the look of matte paint, but need a paint for furniture that is more durable, then satin paint may be the best choice for you. If you opt for a washable formula, you檒l find it easier to keep clean.

  • What is the best Sheen for kitchen cabinets?

  • Eggshell, satin and semi-gloss sheens fall somewhere in between. While most sheens overlap, some are best when used in specific spaces. The shiniest high gloss sheen is also the most durable. It’s a top choice for any space involving dirty or sticky fingers, such as trim, doors and cabinets.

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