what is solid rubberwood furniture

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Rubberwood is used as asolid wood,but it’s also used for veneer,particleboard and medium-density fiberboard. The name can be a bit confusing. Even though it’s used to make rubber,the rubber tree wood isn’t actually rubbery. It’s a solid wood product that holds up well in furniture.

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  • What is rubberwood furniture?

  • Rubberwood is nothing but a type of wood that is widely used in furniture. The wood is extracted from a tree that produces latex. Latex is a type of fluid (commonly milky) found in trees. There are ample names given to the rubberwood which are as follows.

  • Is rubberwood hardwood or softwood?

  • Well, Rubberwood is a low-cost light wood that is harder than most other wood types, which classes it as a hardwood. The 榬ubber?in its name suggests flexibility which is often required in smaller furniture items. It is the same tree that produces latex (milky white sap) when a sliver of bark is removed.

  • How long does solid rubberwood last?

  • These Rubberwood can grow up to 40 meters in plains while around 100 feet in the wild. Trees have a lifespan of 100 years and majorly grows in South America, Africa, and Asia. Walk down the article to know if rubberwood is suitable for your furniture and other details. What is Solid Rubberwood, and Why is it So Popular?

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