what is solid rubberwood furniture

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Used for veneer

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  • What is rubberwood wood furniture?

  • Rubberwood is an agricultural byproduct, that why it is one of the most economical wood types. When it comes to its appearance, it looks like oak. People often opt for it because other options cost three times more and they provide the same appearance. For that reason, it is becoming a growing option in the world of affordable wood furniture.

  • Is rubberwood synthetic rubber?

  • No, rubberwood is not synthetic rubber. The name of the wood comes from the 渓atex?that grows in the tree throughout its life in very small quantities. The rubber wood is solid and not rubbery at all. It is a blonde color that is similar to maple which makes sense considering its texture is also similar to maple though it is a bit coarser.

  • What is rubber tree wood used for?

  • Even though it’s used to make rubber, the rubber tree wood isn’t actually rubbery. It’s a solid wood product that holds up well in furniture. The light color, often described as light blonde to medium tan, makes rubberwood a popular option for building things.

  • How long does rubberwood need to dry before making furniture?

  • Most rubberwood requires at least six months to dry correctly, with older trees sometimes needing a year or more before the wood is useful for making furniture. 2. It damages easily compared to other types of wood.

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