what is fruitwood furniture

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Noun. fruitwood (countable and uncountable,plural fruitwoods)The wood of any fruit tree,particularly hardwood from species such as pear and cherry,that is valued for furniture,woodcuts and other applications. Similarly,what wood is orange in color? But the most famous orange-colored wood is osage orange wood.

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  • What is a fruitwood?

  • Chris Chris, the term fruitwood is usually used to refer to the woods of fruit bearing species in the Rose family (Rosaceae). This would include; cherry, apple, pear, peach, plum and a few other lesser known Old World species. The Europeans make better use of their orchard species in cabinetmaking than we do.

  • Why is it called fruitwood cabinetry?

  • Also, because the milled wood is from a fruit tree it was referred to as fruitwood. Over time, apple, plum and pear woods have been largely phased out in the cabinet world, although the warm fruitwood colors they were known for continue to be desirable to homeowners. Is Fruitwood Cabinetry Still Popular?

  • What are the different types of fruitwood stain?

  • Fruitwood stains vary in their color range, from lighter and golden to reds and browns, and they can be applied to wood in varying degrees攆rom light to dark. For example, fruitwood finish options would include descriptors such as light honey-gold (like the island in the kitchen above), cherry pear, light cherry and deep reddish brown and mahogany.

  • Do kitchen cabinets have fruitwood stains?

  • Many cabinets boast fruitwood stains, or fruitwood colors, even if the wood underneath was never part of a fruit tree. While the term fruitwood can be used to describe the wood cabinets are made from, today’s contemporary kitchens are most likely to boast fruitwood stains unless they’ve opted for cabinets made from cherry wood.

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