what is ashley furniture

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Discount furniture

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  • How much does an Ashley Furniture sofa cost?

  • The prices for Ashley Furniture sofas fall in the range of $500 to around $2000. Ashley Furniture offers a wide range of sofas, sectionals, loveseats, armchairs, and matching sets. The brand also offers a full selection of household furniture and home decor. Overall, the price for an Ashley Furniture sofa ranges from $499 to $1999.

  • What does an Ashley Furniture employee do?

  • Employees make and distribute the brand’s household furnishings and decor to independent dealers as well as Ashley Furniture HomeStores.

  • Is Ashley Furniture HomeStore a good brand?

  • Ashley Furniture (aka Ashley Furniture HomeStore ) is one of the most trusted American furniture store chains. Founded in 1975, it actually one of the oldest furniture store chains still in operation, with almost 100 store locations nationwide.

  • Will Ashley Furniture Exchange damaged furniture for free?

  • STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE. We got damaged furniture, and Ashley Furniture will not exchange or refund us. We purchased three barstools (along with a sofa, loveseat, and dining set) from Ashley Furniture.

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