what furniture goes with light grey floors

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  • What color furniture goes with gray floors?

  • Brown: For gray floors with brown undertones, consider tans, black and neutral shades, as mentioned earlier. Camel brown upholstery with dark gray piping can add a super-luxurious look to the room. You can also get gray tweed sofas and upholstery.

  • What colors go with green tinted floors?

  • For gray floors with a green tint to them, warm colors are a great idea. This is because both green and gray are considered cooling colors in the spectrum; adding warm colors such as yellows and reds, right at the opposite end of this spectrum, will help offset some of this coolness.

  • What color laundry cabinets go with gray tile flooring?

  • Blue painted laundry cabinets with gray herringbone tile flooring. This kitchen features a mix of neutral colors and cool tones for its interior design. The gray tile flooring is complimented by white kitchen cabinets with green island base cabinets and island and beige wall paint.

  • What are gray floors made of?

  • Gray floors are becoming a somewhat hot item in the modern day designs. Gray floors could be made of stone, laminate, stained wood or carpet to name a few. On top of that there could be a rug or different types of floor mat. Gray is easy to coordinate since it a neutral color.

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