what does pecan wood furniture look like

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Light brown wood

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  • What is pecan wood?

  • Pecan wood is a type of hardwood that comes from pecan trees, which are native to North America and grow best in the Southern regions of the United States. Pecan wood is a hardwood that has many colors, one being reddish brown. Pecan wood is used for furniture and flooring.

  • Is pecan good for furniture?

  • Pecan is great for modern and rustic furniture. It has a great appearance, durability, and stability. All these properties are necessary to make rich furniture. It is considered suitable for making tables, beds, doors, and chairs. When it comes to wooden kitchen cabinets and dining tables. The wood for such use must be moisture resistant and tough.

  • What is the difference between a hickory and a pecan tree?

  • Both true hickories and pecan hickories have reddish heartwood — the wood at the center of the tree — and very white sap wood — the wood nearest the bark.

  • What does pecan veneer look like on cabinets?

  • Pecan Veneer. In a kitchen, pecan veneer cabinets underscore the warmth of apricot or light terra-cotta walls, contrasted with granite counters, slate tile floors and brushed stainless fixtures. The melange of textures and tones is in balance, partly due to the strong character of the pecan.

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